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Welcome to Semula-Asia, where we redefine 'waste'. As one of the pioneering plastic recycling companies in Singapore, we believe in breathing new life into plastic waste. Every piece of plastic waste gets a second chance in our world, contributing to a sustainable future for all. We're not just about recycling services but also about creating a movement.

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Hi! Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Semula! 

A couple of good friends who all share the same passion for the environment. 

We started Semula to help companies and people achieve a more sustainable way of living.

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Why Semula-Asia Is Your Ideal Choice For Plastic Recycling In Singapore

Our Mission And Values

In the face of an environmental crisis, we've made it our mission to champion zero waste and promote sustainability. We're inspired by the Singapore government's Zero Waste Masterplan, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and our shared responsibility for the environment. 


For us, recycling programs are not just about processing materials; they're about transforming the mindset of an entire nation. Our values of integrity, trust, respect, empathy, and perseverance guide us in everything we do. We understand the weight of the task and are committed to making a difference.

Our Innovative Approach To Plastic Recycling In Singapore

At Semula-Asia, we look at plastic scrap and see an opportunity. Our unique process transforms plastic waste into a reusable material that finds its way into almost every industry. From furniture to corporate gifts, Semula Plastic is a testament to our creative, environment-friendly approach.

We collaborate with organisations like Roger&Sons, Foreword Coffee Roasters, and Ground-Up Initiative, showcasing how recycled plastic can be transformed into functional and aesthetically pleasing items. The possibilities with Semula Plastic are only limited by the imagination.

Our Impact

We're not just reducing the volume of plastic waste heading for landfills. We're changing behaviours, sparking conversations, and inspiring collective action for a sustainable future. Our customers are partners in this journey, contributing their plastic recyclables and joining us in our mission to reduce our collective environmental impact.

Our Plastic Recycling Services In Singapore

From our local manufacturing facility, we offer a range of services to meet your recycling needs. We transform your plastic scrap into a resource, offering tailored solutions for various industries.


In addition to our recycling services, we also run Semula Workshops, providing hands-on experience and education about the recycling process and the plastic ecosystem. We demystify the recycling symbols and teach our participants how to recycle correctly.


Furthermore, our Semula Talks and Semula Walks initiatives aim to build awareness and foster a deeper connection with our environment. They're designed to inspire action and contribute to a greener, healthier Singapore.


Reimagine waste, see how new life can be breathed into used materials.


Let us work with you, to turn your zero-waste adventure, into a story fit for the masses.


Hands-on experience on how to recycle plastic waste, and upcycle to make your own memorabilia. 


Our talks aim to build awareness of critical issues affecting our environment.


Our Partners

In our journey, we have been inspired by many things around us, activities, our environment and more importantly our partners. Here are some of their inspiring stories.



Ready to make a difference with your plastic waste? Join Semula-Asia, one of Singapore's leading plastic recycling companies, in our journey towards a sustainable future. 


Whether you're a business with significant plastic waste or an individual looking to contribute, we have recycling programs and tailored solutions for you. Let's turn our plastic waste into resources and work towards a future where landfills are a thing of the past. Press on!


We Are
Environmental People

Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Recycling Services In Singapore

How Does The Recycling Process At Semula-Asia Work?

At Semula-Asia, we transform plastic waste into reusable materials in a multistage process. First, we sort the collected plastics. Then, we clean and process them into a new form which is used to create unique, handcrafted items like furniture and corporate gifts.

Does Semula-Asia Recycle Plastic Scrap For Both Individuals And Businesses?

Yes, Semula-Asia caters to both individuals and businesses. We believe everyone has a role in sustainability, so we make our services accessible to all, turning plastic waste into valuable resources.

How Does Recycling With Semula-Asia Contribute To Landfill Reduction?

Every piece of plastic we recycle at Semula-Asia is a piece saved from the landfill. We transform plastic waste into reusable materials, thereby reducing waste in landfills and supporting a more sustainable future.

Can I Visit The Semula-Asia Facility To See The Recycling Process First Hand?

Absolutely! We believe in transparency and education. We're more than happy to schedule a visit for you to witness our innovative recycling process in action and learn more about our mission.

Do You Offer Paper Recycling?

Currently, Semula-Asia is focused on plastic recycling. Our mission is to transform plastic waste into new, valuable resources, and we've developed a unique process specifically for this material.

Can Our Business Partner With Semula-Asia For Plastic Scrap Recycling?

Definitely! We work with businesses to provide tailored solutions for plastic waste. Whether you're a small operation or a large corporation, we're ready to turn your plastic scrap into sustainable, reusable materials.

How Do You Ensure Recycled Plastic Is Safe For Use?

We adhere to strict quality control procedures throughout our recycling process. Every piece of Semula Plastic is carefully crafted, ensuring it's unique and safe for its intended use.

How Do I Start Recycling With Semula-Asia?

Starting your recycling journey with Semula-Asia is easy. Contact us through We'll guide you through the process, providing specific instructions based on the type of plastic you have.

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