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We make it our business...


We champion zero waste to promote sustainability. The way mankind is consuming and generating waste is simply not sustainable. This continuing destruction of our environment has put our planet in a state of crisis.

Semula fully supports the Singapore government’s Zero Waste Masterplan which aims to build a sustainable, resource-efficient and climate resilient nation. This includes adopting a circular economy approach to waste and resource management practices, shifting towards more sustainable production and consumption.

Semula reimagines waste, such as plastic, and gives it new value to minimise the need to use valuable new resources. As change leaders, we look at problems affecting our environment and find simple, locally sourced innovative solutions for them.

We also take to heart the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, among which are goals 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.


We do it because...


Semula was born out of a genuine desire to inspire, excite and spark a movement of like-minded people who believe in taking action to preserve and rejuvenate our planet. It is about solving climate change by reusing and recycling waste materials to reduce the pressure on what is still left of our natural resources.


The task is daunting, and we all know that we cannot fix all the damage that has been done. Semula looks to change people’s behaviour. We believe that long lasting change can happen when we work together to grow a collective conscience and take responsibility for the future of our environment and for the next generation.


A tiny step taken today to do right by our environment, multiplied by a million or more times, is a powerful force that can move mountains. Our ultimate goal is to minimise our collective impact on the environment.


We are bound by nature as one indivisible force: nature’s extinction is also our extinction. Press on!

The values we live by...

  • Integrity: It is about adhering to ethical principles in the way we conduct our business and our interactions with the community at large, to encourage open and honest communications and being responsible for our actions.

  • Trust: We operate with honesty and transparency to build confidence so that those we work and do business with know that they can always depend on us to do right by them.

  • Respect: It begins with treating everyone equally and acknowledging different and diverse views whilst not imposing our own on others.

  • Empathy: We strive to understand and respect how other people feel, their beliefs, values, points of view and challenges they face in choosing to –or not – lower their impact on the environment.

  • Perseverance: Press on. No matter how daunting the task before us is – because not doing anything to save the planet is not an option.

Meet Team Semula



Managing Director
Tay Sok Leng is a seasoned all-rounder with expertise in finance, corporate training, marketing and business development. She has held senior positions in large MNCs, local SMEs, non-profit and NGOs, covering a range of responsibilities including business partnerships, investment evaluation and optimisation, strategic management, treasury and tax.


Product Innovation Lead
Jeryl continues to experiment with new design and applications for our recycled plastic, as well as exploring different and more efficient methods of mechanical recycling for type 2 plastic.

Sam Ran Boolsambatra brings with her years of experience in the communications industry, both as a journalist and as a PR consultant with large international agencies. She has managed local and global clients across industries, from healthcare to government, consumer and travel & tourism. She was most recently with an environment NGO.

Semula is supported by a small but growing group of friends, and partners who believe in taking action to promote sustainability and love for our natural environment.

(From left) Sam Ran Boolsambatra, Tay Sok Leng and Jeryl Yep are key members of Team Semula. They work with partners, customers and volunteers.

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