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Our ultimate goal is to minimise our impact on the environment. All products and services that Semula offers goes towards meeting this goal.  We work with like-minded organisations and individuals who believe in taking action to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.


Semula Plastic


We reimagine waste material such as plastic and transform it into reusable material to cut down on the need for businesses to use new material.


Semula processes these plastic bottles into reusable plastic. Handmade and pressed, no two piece is the same with each bearing its own identity and design.

We work with Roger&Sons to create uniquely designed furniture and objects of desire using Semula Plastic.


For social enterprise Foreword Coffee Roasters, we collaborated with Roger&Sons to design furniture using Semula Plastic for its outlet at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore.

Foreword’s staff continues to be inspired to collect, clean and dry empty milk bottles to be transformed into reusable plastic.


Besides furniture, Semula Plastic can be reimagined into corporate gifts and useful collectibles such as drinks coasters and trays embedded with the organisation’s brand logo or as part of the total design aesthetics by architects and designers.


The creative use of Semula Plastic is only limited by the imagination.

Foreword Coffee’s outlet at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory uses thoughtfully crafted furniture made using empty plastic milk bottles and reimagined into Semula Plastic. The plastic bottles are collected and cleaned by environmentally motivated café staff.


Semula Workshops


Plastic is a material that does not simply go away. When not managed properly, plastic waste can cause pollution that harms humans, animals and plants. Once it enters our soil, rivers and oceans, it can enter our food chain.

The workshops provide a hands-on experience on how to recycle  plastic waste the right way. It also shows participants how to make memorabilia from their own  plastic waste.

They will learn about the plastic eco-system, the different types of plastics, how to read the  the resin identification codes (RIC) as well as what constitute recyclables and what are not.

The workshops will help participants to better understand why plastic waste is a big problem and how they can play their part to stop our planet from being choked to death.

Our workshops provide hands-on experience of how to make your own memorabilia from plastic waste, the right way to recycle plastic waste and what constitutes recyclable plastic.


Semula Talks

We believe that there are more people and organisations who are willing to take action to do right by our environment. They may not be doing so because they are unaware that our environment is in crisis, or they do not know how they can contribute towards making a positive change.

Our talks aim to build awareness of critical issues affecting our planet and Singapore-specific environment related topics such as:


  •    Climate change

  •    Singapore Green Plan 2030

  •    Zero Waste Masterplan

  •    Singapore’s waste management system

Semula Talks aim to build awareness of critical issues affecting our environment such as plastic waste pollution.


Semula Walks

In the pipeline is a series of nature trails to take participants on an experiential journey through some of our beloved parks and nature reserves.


Our experienced eco-guides will open your eyes and hearts to the sound of the forest with their knowledge of our native flora and fauna and help you understand better the importance of co-existence between man and nature. They will also regale you with local folklore and share personal stories through years of trail guiding.

Say hello to some of our native species which call our parks and nature reserve their home.

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